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Commissioned 220/120/33 kV Grid Substation (GSS) along with a 100MVA Power Transformer and two 50 MVA Power Transformer within 18 months.


The mega project (in Haryana) involved installation of 43,000 pole mounted distribution transformers for the conversion of existing LT (Low Tension) lines to the new 11 kV lines.

Leh Kargil

Providing electricity to the population in an area at 13000 ft. involving 6 substations and 215 kms of 66kV transmission line in Leh and 5 substations and 135 kms of 66kV lines in Kargil district through meticulous planning, in tough terrain and adverse weather conditions.


Commissioned 132/33 kV substation with 2 incoming lines of 132 KV, 6 lines of 33 KV, 2 transformers of 25 MVA and 1 Bus transfer 5 months ahead of schedule.

Cochin Project

Established 11/11 kV Switching station and 500 kVA transformer on reclaimed soil and laid 8.6 kms of underground cables throughout the city.

Rural Electrification Project

Transmission Line Project

Rothak Underground Cabling Project

Mirbazar Substation

Bisnah Project

Meerut Agra Project